Creator always comes to the rescue, when we come with a sincere and open heart. Creator is the only energetic force (for lack of a better word because words are so limiting) that can measure the vibrational energies of our hearts; our heart’s true intent. This is why it is so important that we remain in alignment with the Force of the Universe and not the forces of this world. It is very easy to get caught up in the mundane experiences that have the false power of  covering our eyes and preventing us from seeing Truth, even when Truth is sitting right in front of our eyes. For this reason, we must remain consistent and diligent in our quests for Truth and what part we play in realizing and manifesting Truth. Many say that there is more than one Truth, and that is fine. Everyone is different and must learn Truth for themselves. Master Creator has many ways of showing us Truth that benefits each one of us individually, as well as the world totally.

There comes a time when you realize that your own personal Truth contradicts the form of truth that you have been taught and led to believe. That is ok; you are on your own personal journey that no one can teach you. You must learn for yourself. When you discover your unique and authentic Truth, then it is time for you to put on the breastplate of love and light and share what you have learned with the world. WARNING: you will experience some resistance, but you are well-prepared because no one can tell you what your personal Truth is or is not. You will immediately attract those to you who are read for what you have to share and will willingly begin their own search and quest for Truth.

There was a time when people thought it was funny or odd that you where on a quest to “find yourself.” They said, “find yourself? What do you mean ‘find yourself?’ You are already here,” and they laughed at you. Ha! Joke’s on them because they are all-of-a-sudden in a position where they are being pushed to find themselves 🙂 Isn’t it funny how life goes full-circle without us even realizing it until it’s slapping us in the face? (Side note: it is important now more than ever that we watch what we say and how we treat others, because we quickly reap what we sow.)

Love, perseverance and dedication are key to living Truth. Truth must be conducted in high vibrational energy with the intention of helping and healing Family. There is no such thing as serving one’s self without serving the other. These are fascinating times we are living in, and we are seeing rapid manifestation on many levels.

Love, Light, Pleasure and Joy, Tammy 🙂


A Blessing to The Ascended Masters in Training (this means YOU!)


Blessings Ascended Masters in Training,

Earlier today I was asked by our Sister, the Ascended Master Kwan Yin, to share an important and timely message with you. Much to my surprise, she addressed many challenges that I was working on eliminating from my Spirit, and I knew that this message needed to be shared with the  masses. Since we are connected to one another by way of our Heavenly Creator, whenever something effects one of us, it effects the whole. I pray that our Sister’s message resonates deeply within you, and inspires you to love, share and bless each other. God Bless You. Goddess Tamara

“Greetings and Blessings Loved Ones. This is your Sister Kwan Yin. I know many of you are going through challenging times and you may find yourself questioning yourself and the Heavenly Realm about what all of this means. What it means, Dear Ones, is that the world is rapidly ascending into new thought patterns and ways of doing things. What I mean by this is that what we have come to realize as “real” in the past is now quickly diminishing into nothingness. God’s love and light is becoming more and more apparent at this time and lower energies are no longer able to keep the wool over your eyes. Even those whom you call “non-believers” are sensing that something is in the air; something is new; something is happening.  Many of you are beginning to ask questions of authority figures and the Internet and other cosmic and invisible communication methods are making it easier for you to spread the messages of change, love, and reform in lightning speed. The Truth can no longer be censored as the walls of lower energy intention and activity has fallen and can never be risen again. Family, it is time to step up the game and declare truths boldly, courageously, defiantly, YET with great love and reverence for our Heavenly Guides and each other. There is no greater joy than knowing and trusting that we are living lives with the specific intention and purpose of raising the Christ Consciousness and showcasing it to the world in our daily activities.

Please understand that I am no better than you are; I lived the same life you are living. I have had to reincarnate many times in order to learn the lessons that Our Master wanted me to learn. And I am forever grateful for each lesson (whether it be, as you say, “good” or “bad,) because it brought me that much closer to my ascension in the Higher Dimensional Realm. I am here. I will never leave your side because I cannot leave. My mission is to love you and help you remain in the constant glow of love. I am here for you. I am here with you, and I honor you because you are the ones doing the work in a worldly structure that wants you to diminish your natural light and believe otherwise. There are so many things being promoted in your world that wishes to direct your attention AWAY from Truth. The worldly system wants you to believe that material goods, physical features, and false superiority structures are what you should strive for. They say, “if you have all of this, you will be happy and will never be poor; everyone will like you and want to be your friend.” Yet I wish to tell you otherwise…if you love one another, share with one another, bless one another, console one another, help one another and pray for one another, you will gain more than these false idols could ever promise. Do not hate! Love, Love, LOVE. Love everyone because they are here teaching you a great lesson, and you are here teaching them a great lesson, even in the midst of what you call “chaos” and “confusion.” You see, we are all One; we come from the One, and we return to the One. Do not hate, love.

I wish I could show you how my heart jumps for joy when you listen to me and the other Ascended Masters when we speak to you because you are raising your vibration and coming that much closer to mastery. You have chosen to incarnate at this date and time in order to overcome and master the challenges which you currently face. Yes! It is hard. Yes! It is frustrating. Yes! It is draining, YET! It can be done. One Ascended Master which you all know, Jesus, was fully aware of his purpose and focused his entire life to honoring our Heavenly Master and teaching others how to do the same. He did not hate. YES, he had trying moments. YES, he wanted to pass the cup along to another, YES, he was afraid, YET, he prevailed and loved those who persecuted, tortured and condemned him. You may be finding yourself in a situation in which you are wondering, “why do I have to suffer?,” what have I done to deserve this?”, why me?” Instead, ask yourself, “what do I need to learn? What am I missing? Am I supposed to overcome this and share my “healing” with others who are going through similar situations?” Yes, we are One, and being a part of the One means that we will all go through various trials and tribulations, YET we have the power to survive and THRIVE in the midst of it. Teach, Teach, Teach. Love, Love, Love. Learn, Learn, Learn. Blessings and Light to you for eternity. Lovingly, Your Sister, Kwan Yin.