Thank You :)

Hi, thank you so much for following my posts. I cherish and adore each and every one of you. I am slowly migrating material from WordPress to my Weebly website: Oils, Crowns and Owls. Please subscribe to the new website as I may be shutting this one down some time soon.

Here are some exciting things that you will see on my Weebly Webiste:

  1. Transmissions from the ascended masters – I spend a lot time in prayer and meditation and I receive great words of wisdom from our ancestors. I will be sharing messages that I am led to share with you. Some will come at the right time for you, and some may come when you least need it, but I can promise you, the messages will be honest, worthwhile and delivered from the seat of love in my heart.
  2. Essential Oil and Fragrance Blends – you’ve asked and I’ve answered 🙂 I have created over thirty essential oil and fragrance blends for you. Many customers have asked for spring scents to help them transition from Winter to Spring, and I am on the job! A few of these new blends are: I’m In Love, Sexy Plumeria, Vanilla Grigio, Soothing Raindrops, and Deep Supreme Meditation. I will post more pictures and a detailed history about how these came to be.
  3. Soaps, Body Creams, Lotions, and Sprays – soooo much fun! I have added soaps, whipped body creams, body/room sprays and lotions, body oils and body lotions to my line of fun and aromatic sensuality. I have always been a huge fan of fragrances and I just completed a class which has taught me the ins-and-outs of the body care business. More information will be shared on my Weebly website.
  4. Jewerly Galore – I have added more items to my jewelry line and will be showcasing them. I have incorporated more gemstones and crystals into these products as I know for a fact that these friends from the rock and gemstone realm want to help us in any way that they can. These products are sure to be unique and breathtaking.

Thank you, again, for following my blog and for your support. I look forward to chatting with you soon and helping you learn how to heal and love yourself. In Love and Honor, Goddess Tamara 🙂