Essential Oil Blends

This page contains specific essential oil blends.


2 thoughts on “Essential Oil Blends”

  1. I am Kwan Yin initiate,have been for 10years. I have not practiced in this fashion for 3years. I am also a Reiki Master & Light of Mary. Lately Kwan Yin has been coming to like she used to & I feel compelled to move in this direction. Do you also have a selection of music that I can purchase?

    1. Blessings, love and light. I do not know of a CD, per say, but a good friend of mine does compassion downloads directly from the Mother Kwan Yin. I have had sessions with her and they are powerful and have helped me tremendously. Let me know if you’d like her information. I’d love to share it if you are interested. Also, please keep me posted. I love to hear about how we light workers are progressing on our unique and authentic spiritual paths. Love, Goddess Tamara

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