We are ONE. As much as you may hate to believe it, we are all a part of the greater whole. External physical appearances may lead us to believe that we are all different, separate and individual and that our choices do not affect one another. As you study energy, how it works, how it creates, how it maneuvers, and how it vibrates, then you will see that every person is a manifestation of the ONE and that we have the power to create the World in an amazing and dynamic body of Paradise.

We vibrate on differing levels because of individual choices. We all have the ability to choose and live our lives as we want. Each decision we make is based on past thought reinforcements that dictate our ability to decipher what is “right” or what is “wrong.” We can also choose based on life’s experiences that either hurt us or made us feel good. Everyone’s life experience is different so everyone will choose differently. Individual choice has the power to separate us or bring us together.

If you are noticing an awakening shift in your life, start paying attention to your thoughts and the choices you make based on your thoughts. You may notice a pattern that does not help you grow, and, then, you have the choice to change it or not. Blessings, Goddess Tamara


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