Healing = Balancing

During my Reiki studies, I often ask myself, “how do I heal someone? How do I help someone heal themselves?” Well, this morning I sat in meditation and I asked this very question and was astounded by what was revealed to me. When we heal ourselves, we are actually bringing ourselves back into balance in the way that our Creator manifested and intended us to be. Because we go through experiences that rattle our core and test our faith, we often create imbalance within our mental, spiritual and physical bodies and we aren’t aware of it until something happens that causes us to question all that we know to be true. An imbalance usually leads to further imbalances and perceptions to experiences which we are meant to learn and grow from.  The cycle continues and then we become depressed and it goes on and on.

As a Reiki Practitioner, I promise You that I will work with You and help You create the life you wish to experience. I can do nothing without the energetic influence and power of the Universe, and I can do nothing if You are not willing to help Yourself. If You are willing to bring Your life back into harmonious balance that we have been created to experience, let me know, and let’s get down to business. Blessings, Love and Light,  Goddess Tamara 🙂


Don’t forget: HEALING = BALANCE (and it all starts with You.)


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