Why Are We NOT Embracing the Sacred Feminine!

The Sacred Feminine energy has long been downcast and displayed as weakness. The media tends to show femininity in an aggressively sexual, selfish, and one-sided way. It is visually shown that the sacred feminine energy is only here to sexually please the masculine energy. The truth of the matter is that the sacred feminine energy provides much needed balance to the ever-changing energies that are volatile in the world at this time. Mass media portrays the sacred feminine as one type of look that should be accepted, attempted AND reinforced by the masses. It attempts to dictate what the sacred feminine should look like, act like, think like, and be like, therefore casting away anything that does not even slightly resemble this visual as not beautiful or not worthy of praise. This is not true! Every feminine energy (which is found in the masculine energy as well, and vice versa) is a perfect mirror image of Creator and what Creator represents. The time has come for the sacred feminine and male energies to come together and work as one. It is time for the sacred feminine to stand up and embrace the uniqueness, blessing and divinity of what this energy represents. Long gone are the days of “man” versus “woman.” A new awakening has permeated the stratosphere, and It encourages the Sacred Feminine to rise up and flood the mass consciousness with Its power. Blessings, Love and Light, Goddess Tamara


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