Proceed with Caution!


ImageOne of the great lessons I am learning is that the best way to learn is to go experience it! While this may be difficult for us because of the intense energetic energy involved with growth, it can also be one of the most important and critical times in our lives for self-growth. What actually happens is that we are raising ourselves to the next level of our own personal consciousness, and this process takes us on the next step of our own personal divine destinies. Proceeding with caution means that we are paying attention to the process, the lesson that we need to learn and are remaining inside of the high vibration of the Cosmos that is inherently born within us. In other words, don’t let seemingly intense challenges rattle your divine core! Stay focused, in the light, and on course to your own personal story of growth, inspiration and divine truth for all. Blessing and Love from Your Sister, Goddess Tamara


1 thought on “Proceed with Caution!”

  1. My friend, Claire, left a wonderful response on my facebook page regarding this message, and I wanted to share it with you: “We’re not alone and I think it’s important right now to know that others are struggling with similar situations. We are all in this together and we are coming together to bring forward a higher vibration of joy to our world..” Claire is right! We are NOT alone. We are all struggling with similar issues (because everything really is related) and we MUST be there for ourselves and for each other. Blessings, Goddess Tamara 🙂

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