I saw a tall woman in the super market earlier today. She had to be approximately six feet-two inches. I couldn’t help but stare at her. She is a beautiful brown woman with strong features and a statuesque presence about herself. Her height alone commanded a strong presence, and I immediately felt as if I was being transported back in time…

What would you say if I told you that our Earth was once dominated by giants, dinosaurs and extra-terrestrials…all at the same time? I know it’s hard to imagine…we can barely get used to co-habitating (is this a word?) with each other; what do you mean “giants, extra-terrestrials AND dinosaurs.” I am just as confused as you are, BUT I trust and believe in the dreams that I experience every night. I KNOW that I travel to other dimensions, consciousness and dimensions during my sleeping hours, and what I am learning is only the tip of the iceberg.

There is so much more to come of this. New information is being shared with me on a daily (or rather, nightly) basis. It almost feels overwhelming, but I will share this much with you: I have been asked by the Ascended Masters to share this message with you: “This is the year of coming out of your shells and declaring to the world who You really are! False information can no longer be hidden or kept away from the masses. A strong presence and feeling of TRUTH has descended upon the Earth and no one can deny Its presence and/or strength. Everyone feels it; few know what to make of it. We are asking you to run into it with open arms. We say, “Welcome Home, Welcome Home.” With this great feeling and knowledge, we ask you to:

Embrace it,

Love it,

Learn it,

Enjoy it, and most of all

Share it….

Be the physical manifestation of Love that you already ARE.”

My note: hold on to what you KNOW and run with it. Love is the only answer; only Love…

And with that, I bid you a glorious “Good Night,” and I pray that the ascended masters, angels, animal spirit guides, Elders, and/or ancestors provide you with the guidance of which you have asked for in your blessed dreams. In God’s Love, Light and Grace, Your Sister, Goddess Tamara 😉


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