Cosmic Validations

I have decided to take the Universal healing powers seriously and focus on knowing its role within myself. The journey is fun, exciting and full of surprises. The Creator proves to me time and time again that I am on the right track and making great progress. One way that the Creator communicates with me is through validations. defines validation as, “to establish the soundness of; corroborate.” One of the greatest validations I truly enjoy and learn from is when something that I am thinking manifests itself shortly after I think of it. Here’s one such example:

I wanted to buy my husband a meaningful book for Father’s Day. He is a fantastic artist, and I truly enjoy seeing his work, from beginning to end. He is deeply into Egyptian theology and has been studying it for a couple of years. Because he and I are on the same path of discovering and becoming co-creators with higher selves, we usually come across the same books while mentally residing in two different arenas. I have been coming across Julia Cameron’s book, “The Artists Way,” through many of the courses I am taking, and groups I belong to, but for some reason, I had not felt that I, personally, was meant to read the book. Taking one of my many favorite trips to the local book store continually validated that I was supposed to buy this book. I felt that I was not meant to read the book (at least not yet) but that I’d be buying it for someone. Whenever I went to this book store, there was always one perfectly sealed copy of Cameron’s hardcover book just waving at me. My husband came home from work today, and I immediately felt the urge to go out and buy the book for him. But, I wondered, “will he like this book? Nah, I don’t think so”, “am I doing the right thing by getting this for him? Nah, just hold onto your money, he isn’t going to like it. It probably doesn’t even pertain to him. He won’t be interested in it.”

These types of thoughts were running through my mind, and I Am learning how to trust my gut and go with what my Higher Self is working through me to do. Even after I bought the book, I continued to wonder if he would actually enjoy it and get something meaningful and life-changing out of it. As soon as I came home, I ran into the kitchen and said to my husband, “look what I got you for Father’s Day.” He smiled. I wasn’t sure why, but he happily explained, “I was just thinking about this book this afternoon.” I almost screamed! I couldn’t believe it. I said, “really? Are you sure?” He said that he had been reading this book on his eBook reader last year, but stopped because he got busy with school. Now that school is over, he’s being led to read this book again and really put in the work necessary in order to grasp its life-changing concepts. What a joy! Once again, the Universe is telling and showing me that I am on the right track, and that I am helping others heal through my own actions, thoughts and words.

If you feel led to do something to help another person change their lives for the better, don’t be afraid to do it. The flag is raised for you to help others, as long as you are not invading their free will or causing them harm in any way. Fellow Lightworkers, let’s do what we can do, as individuals, to make this world a better place for All. Many are looking for a brighter day, and You can be the one to help them see it. Sincerely and Lovingly Yours, Tamara


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