Is Forgiveness Possible?


Last week, I desperately needed a break. I had been writing a lot and writers block had me running in circles for the longest time. I decided to turn on the television and see what was on; thinking that I could watch something entertaining that would allow my brain to rest. As I scrolled through the television guide, I noticed that Pastor T.D. Jakes was on the Dr. Phil show. I usually do not watch this show but decided to watch because Pastor Jakes’ messages have always inspired something within me to become a better person. Ironically, the main theme of the show was “Forgiveness”. I cried as I watched the show. A family was going through a devastating situation, and the sister (whose daughter was the victim of a devastating act that tore the family apart) was asked to forgive her family members for not believing her daughter and standing by her side through this extremely difficult period of their lives. Such a heinous crime had taken place, and the woman and her daughter had to go through it alone because no one believed them. Pastor Jakes and Dr. Phil explained the importance of forgiveness, not so much for the person or persons who offended us, but for the overall health and well being of the person who is holding onto the hurt, anger and pain. As I watched the show and listened to Dr. Phil and Pastor T.D. Jakes, it quickly came to me: who have I not forgiven?  Who has done something “unforgivable” to me that I have not totally forgiven and let off the hook? Can unforgiveness be playing a major part in my writers block? As I contemplated these questions, I started thinking of people who had, knowingly or unknowingly, hurt me. Ii was almost tempted to re-live the pain of the experience, but I caught myself before I entertained these clouds that wanted to move into my energy field and take over.  

I thought of experiences in which I felt slighted or disrespected and was about to accept the pain and hurt all over again, but I literally put my hand up (i.e., talk to the hand!) to the problem and I said out loud, “LISTEN, we are NOT about to go there. It is what it is. We cannot change what happened but we can transmute this feeling into a loving response and heal and learn from it. This situation can benefit all involved; it’s time to say ‘goodbye’ to you and move on.”

Needless to say, one part of me was in shock because I was still holding onto something which obviously meant something to me (even though it was not helping me grow in any way whatsoever) but it felt good to confront that hurting little girl inside of me and help her heal as well. God wanted to make sure that I got this message loud and clear, and I thought I did.

I logged onto facebook a couple of hours later, and the topic of forgiveness was listed all across, up and down, my facebook page updates. Almost every single status update had something to do with forgiveness.  This is what I needed to hear at that particular moment. Was this the cure to my writers block? Is this the cure to other limiting beliefs that I have about myself and others? Is this the key to humanity really loving and helping each other? Forgiveness? Yes! Yes it is.

Once again, I am personally experiencing how God will do many things in order to get our attention and drive messages home. When we are experiencing an issue that shuts us down, and stops us from allowing the love of God to filter through us and then into the world, we MUST sincerely and honestly open our hearts and ask God for help. God is waiting for us to admit that we need help, and He will then give us the answers we so desperately need in any and every way possible! Our God loves us and would never NOT answer us when we come to Him with an open and sincere heart.

Now it’s time for you to take inventory: is there something from your past that is still lingering in your spirit that is causing you great anxiety? Has forgiveness put the brakes on the life that God is purposefully and specifically carved out for you? Is there someone whom you are holding a grudge against whom you have not completely forgiven in your heart? I have news for you….it can be done! Please share your comments below. I’d love to hear your thoughts. In God’s Love and Light, Tamara 🙂


1 thought on “Is Forgiveness Possible?”

  1. So your post popped up in my inbox at the job. I usually keep up with your posts, but THIS one really hit close to home, lol.

    Forgiveness doesn’t come easy for me. I can sit here and count on one hand people that I know for a fact I haven’t forgiven for anything they’ve done to me. The way I’ve kept kept said people and the situations from interfering with my everyday life is by keeping it out of sight and out of mind. I’ve been told numerous times that I should forgive them not just for them but for myself, but I REALLY find it difficult to do that. The steps I’ve been given by a counselor and one or two close friends makes plenty of sense, but I haven’t been able to pull myself to do it. Maybe if the crimes weren’t so huge it’d be easier to get over…or maybe if the apologies I’ve received weren’t so empty or meaningless. Maybe if I could get these couple of road blocks out the way other things would start to push through…like relationships and things of the like. But I just don’t see it happening and I’m seriously not too sure if it’s something I’d be able to do because just the thought of it is stressful too.

    Stressed if I do, and stressed if I don’t. *sigh*

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