Super Moon 2012

Tonight’s Super Moon is absolutely spectacular! My Fellow Lightworker Family located all over this beautiful world have been sharing pictures on a social website. Unfortunately, we are experiencing cloudy conditions here in the New York tri-state area, but thank Goddess for the Internet; I am not missing anything!

If you own precious gemstones, crystals, or have any objects that are near and dear to you, tonight would be the ideal time for you to place those objects in the direct path of the Moonlight for a great dose of healing, light and love. The moonlights energy is known to keep the Earth balanced, keep the seasons in tact, assist in keeping our oceans stable and in direct alignment with the Earth’s gravitational pull and provides every living thing with a sudden boost of energy and a great awareness of God’s presence and power in our lives.

Spend some time outdoors if you can, or look out of a window and praise God/Goddess for creating the Moon so that we can have yet another tool to keeps focused and enchanted with the beauty and splendor of a Full Moon’s night. Happy Super Moon 2012. Tamara


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