Green Glory

Green Glory

I am so amazed with how well my plants are growing in these cold temperatures. I talk to my plants because I know that they are very sensitive to energy, and I want them to feel loved in my home. I intentionally focus my loving energy and thoughts onto each plant, and I imagine that they happily accept my energy and use it to help them grow. I also spray them with various essential oil mists that are charged with the energies of plants created by the Divine. Our words, thoughts, and actions have the potential change our environments for the better or for the worse. Seeing my plants continue to thrive throughout all seasons has shown me that we are resilient against life’s changes, and we are powerful enough to maintain our beauty in perfect peace and bliss through it all. Let’s put our energies (in whatever form we decide to express them) into loving intentions and notice how the world around us changes.


1 thought on “Green Glory”

  1. My plants have always taught me to be constantly aware of my intentions. Intentions have the power to sway an experience into something that will benefit us and others, or cause great harm and harsh feelings. Life is a learning experience, and the quicker we learn the lesson in all experiences, the happier, more focused and loving we will be to each other and ourselves.

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