Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy…

I have been feeling the urge to do something at a specific time, but I didn’t have enough information to “logically” commit to this request. I’ve been getting urgings through dreams, un-announced images (in my Spirit and when I am out-and-about in my day-to-day dealings,) and through random conversations with people, (i.e., an impromptu conversation with someone in line at the grocery store, or someone passing me in the street that says, “hello.”) For some reason, that mere energy exchange would start a wave of inspirational messages that I need to pay attention to.

Lo and behold, this morning I am chatting away with someone on a social networking website, and I am led to go to my personal home screen. Sure enough, the very thing that I have been led to do is staring me right in the face. The person has no idea that her gift of sharing her wisdom has catapulted me to a new high in my journey! God is Good! She had no idea that her willingness to share what she knows has solidified my trust and belief in the Angelic Realm of Mystery and Wisdom. I love it!

And now, let’s GO: Pay attention to the messages. Pay attention to the signs. The smallest sign can make a HUGE difference in the way we perceive and view our life’s journey. Something as small as a tiny Lego piece, an image on Christmas wrapping paper, a coin sitting on the ground along our daily path, or one word that we overhear in a conversation that we are not a part of, can have the power to meld everything we know (or that we have questioned,) together into one cohesive affirmation of knowledge that our Spirit’s have been so desperately seeking. God is good!

Please share your thoughts below. I know that I am not the only individual that is experiencing great awareness in this age of Conscious Awareness. 

Tamara 🙂


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