The Accolades of Prayer!

We underestimate the power of prayer. Prayer has the power to push stagnated situations into more favorable conditions. Why pray you ask? I’ll tell you why? What else do you have to do? Wallow in misery? Complain to others about your predicament? Cry and ask God, “why, why, why?” We’ve all been there. But what has this course of action done for us? Absolutely nothing. Maybe it’s time that we got on our knees and prayed. Maybe it’s time for us to really get to know who we really are, and what mission we are here to accomplish. Maybe it’s time that we realized the power that we have been given in order to conquer, neutralized and reverse the issues that we have allowed to get out of control and permeate our very core. Do we refuse to pray because we see it as a sign of weakness? Do we refuse to pray because we think we look silly? Do we refuse to pray because we think we are talking to thin air? Yes, I’ve felt the same way, and I am here to tell you that all of the above mentioned excuses are skewed. When we pray, we raise the vibrational levels of our core beings, and we align ourselves with the Masters who have come before us. We become “One” with the Universe (whom you may call, “God,” “Allah,” etc.) and begin to see life from an “observer” point of view. We learn that every experience is a call for us to be more loving and grateful for everyone who has come into our lives. We willingly allow ourselves to learn, (even if the lesson is painful,) so we must honor the divinity that is located within each experience. So, are you ready to pray? Are you ready to get acquainted with whom you really are? Are you ready to meet take the journey that you have been sent here to accomplish? Are you ready to ascend to a stress-free and joyful life? I’m ready; who’s with me? Let’s GO!!!!!!!!


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