Hold NO Grudges

One of the most difficult things that I’ve had to overcome is the need to hold a grudge. If someone wronged me, I didn’t feel the need to seek revenge; I’d hold a grudge and never speak to them again. What I have learned is that holding a grudge doesn’t affect the other person as much as it affects me. 

Dissolving grudges is not an easy task, because we may feel as if we are letting a perceived wrong go scott-free, and the person(s) who hurt us is(are) being let off the hook. The exact opposite is true! When we let go of grudges, we are sending a truce flag into the skies of the angelic realm and are freeing ourselves of the pain, hurt, anger and any other harmful feelings as a result of our need to hold on to a grudge. This act sets an amazing energy in motion that declares to the Heavenly Forces that you have willingly chosen to free yourself from an anchor that is threatening to stop your peace and joy, and keep you in constant turmoil and depression.

As 2012 comes upon us, maybe it’s time for us to consider letting go of grudges, so that we can press forward into a new and exciting life. Let’s consider leaving the old patterns of self-abuse and lack of self-love behind by pressing on with attitudes, thought patterns and actions that are rooted in helping each other grow. Harboring resentment, anger, and any other debilitating emotions does nothing for us, or anyone associated with us. If anything, we willingly become the vehicles of bad news and bad feelings, simply because we have chosen to allow meaningless energy to rule our lives, and we can’t be surprised when others decide to avoid us because our energy is draining them of their energy.

Isn’t it time that we realize that we do have a choice, and can choose to hold a grudge or not to hold a grudge? Life is all about choices (free will,) and as this new year welcomes us with open arms, maybe we should focus on putting an end to grudges, and set the tone for a new energy of love, peace and joy to reign in our lives. 


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