A Nice Surprise

Today started off as a usual day. Got up, took a shower, exfoliated and moisturized my skin. Put on my makeup, applied mousse to hair and hit the streets. With my son and niece in tow, we conquered the streets of Staten Island with a ferocious speed and intent on getting through one chore and on to the next. We sat in the park (rather I sat in the park, while they played) and I started writing. I wrote about the weather, which had so drastically changed, and how the cool breeze tantalized and stroked my skin. So often, I am consumed with other things in my mind, and today I really sat down and enjoyed the breeze. I enjoyed the rustling of the trees around me; I enjoyed the laughter of children running from swings to slides, from swings to slides, from swings to slides…you get the picture. But most importantly, I remembered to sit still and feel good in the moment. Just sit still and not think of anything. And then I started writing. As I started writing, two of my good friends came into the park and we started talking. We laughed and talked and laughed and talked. I forgot just how good it felt to just sit and laugh and talk. That, My Friends, is one of life’s beauties that we so often forget. Sitting in the park and just laughing and talking, even if it is about absolutely nothing đŸ˜‰


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