The Sky is the Limit, or is it?

I’ve decided to take my life up a notch! I am completely trusting in God to walk with me through this journey. For many years, I’d suppressed my imagination because I thought it was too good to be true. I was raised to believe that getting a job and taking care of myself should be my main goal. While this is true to an extent, this type of mentality taught me that I had to suppress imaginings and focus on what I could physically see and feel. When I decided to step away from corporate America last year, I had to re-train my mindset. I started doing a lot of reading, praying, meditating and sitting in silence so that I could listen closely to God’s voice. As I type this message, I feel God’s spirit and His angels moving in and about me! I could never recall feeling so peaceful, comfortable, restful, joyous, blissful, and content in my entire life! It’s taken me almost a year to get to this state, and I know that I have only begun to touch the surface. Allowing creative energies to encompass your entire being and manifest into reality is such a great gift that no one can ever take away from you. All of this begins with trust, and trust is essential in moving from one phase of your life to another in complete confidence, without fear, doubts or regrets. 😉


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