The Perfect Opportunity

Everyone has the ability to change their lives from one second to the next. This is why it is such a blessing to wake up every morning. Ever waking second brings new opportunities, and an eagerly awaiting  Spirit is always ready to pursue God’s mission.

One of the things about life that I have learned to appreciate the most is that I have the power to change the course of my life in a split decision. We should not get into the  habit of allowing our outside circumstances to control us. The outside does  not matter as much as the inside.

The Perfect Opportunity is the opportunity that God has given specifically to you. No one can dwell in that space or positon; it’s only for you. What Perfect Opportunity are you, consciously or unconsciously, holding at bay? What Perfect Opportunity are you not focusing on? What Perfect Opportunity are you ignoring simply for the sake of following the social norm?

Be honest with yourself, and tell yourself the Truth. You know the truth; you’re just afraid of taking the necessary steps in breaking away from the mental strongholds of your peers.

With Love, Peace, Understanding and Pure Clarifying Intent in Mind, Tamara 🙂


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