Understanding the True Essence of Life

So, this morning I woke up in an extra inspired mode. I lit a beautifully scented candle, (PartyLite’s Mulberry, www.partylite.biz/tamarakelly,) and sat down at my computer. God has the amazing ability to touch the heart when we aren’t even aware that it is being touched. A sudden blast of thoughts came to my heart, and I posted them on my Facebook and Twitter pages as I received them. God is good! I cannot understand how He can still love me after all the mistakes I have made in my life, but He does. God is not limited by anything. We limit Him. He cannot be limited. God wants to work through us. We must allow Him to. God cannot be described by worldly standards;

He Is.

He just Is.

Nothing else.

No further explanation is needed.

Right now, take the time to wake up and smell the coffee (literally!) Smell the coffee, see the snow, look at all of the wonders the Father has given us and truly appreciate it from the seat of the Spirit. Forget about the egotistical mind for now; feel it with your heart. feel it with your Spirit; feel it with the God-understanding that God has given each and every one of us. Make the here and now the best here and now that you can make it. Truly take advantage of the here and now. The here and now is the gift God gave us, and we should be honored that God has given us another “here and now” to live in. Love you, Tamara 🙂


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