God is Good!

These past few days have been emotionally trying for me. I am sure you are going through some up and down emotions, yourself. The key to overcoming these moments is a constant, deliberate and steady focus on God. We must know that God does not make mistakes, and that he calls everyone home at His appointed time. There is no such thing as a mistake; an event comes to pass and we must rise to the occasion and know that God has ordained it and is in control. He IS in control because He IS. I know this may seem weird but say to yourself, out loud, “He IS because He IS. I am because I AM; I AM of HIM, therefore, I AM HIM.” Nothing more needs to be said. God is good; infinity is good; life is good; all is good. I pray you are living in unstoppable peace, unlimited blessings, infallible prosperity, meaningful silence, real honesty, strong integrity, indefinite faith, irresistible love, and the list goes on and on and on – I think you get the picture. There are just some things that cannot be expressed with words. Words are limiting and the Spirit of God is unlimited. Maybe even the name we attribute to the Holy One is limiting in itself. Think and feel outside the box that we’ve been conditioned to think in. The Divine Holy Spirit IS. And we IS 🙂 Love, love, love 🙂


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