I Command You to Live Victoriously!

God wants us to live victoriously. He does not want us to go through each day suffering. God gave us life so that we could glorify His presence and His power. Once we see that our lives are not our own, then we will have clear hearts to give God His full and complete devotion and attention, and show others how to reside on the same breast of peace that only a loving father can give his child. How do you live a victorious life? Here are some ways that will open your hearts and spirits to a steady outpouring of God’s grace and love:

Look to God, not yourself, as the Power Source:
Too many of us look to ourselves for the answer. We look for help and knowledge from others who are just as confused as we are. Instead of looking to man for the answers to our questions, let us look to God. Look to God through His Word; look to God through studying literature that teaches one how to delve deeper into God’s word; look to God’s Holy Spirit to provide us with the wisdom that can only come from God. Also, let’s surround ourselves with people who are living spiritually fulfilled lives, and who want to help us achieve a level of peace and holiness that can only be attained through spending serious, quality time alone with God.

Put things into perspective
We often allow our external problems to get the best of us. We see our problems as huge boulders that have the power to make or break us. How wrong we are! Our Heavenly Father is greater than our minds can ever comprehend. There is nothing that we can compare His power, greatness, and presence to. Our wordly minds are too limited by time, space and this physical world to fully comprehend what an awesome God we serve. No man-made problem is too big for God to handle. This is why we need to run, (not walk, jog or stroll,) to God, and find comfort and solace in Him and Him alone. We cannot trust man with our peace because man is flawed. Man is susceptible to various weaknesses. No man is exempt from it. If we want to live victoriously, we must understand that our problems are nothing more than stumbling blocks on the road to glory, and, in time, it shall pass.

Take inventory of your life
Be honest with yourself and take inventory of your life. See what needs to be eliminated and what needs to be cultivated. We become what we are surrounded by on a constant and consistent basis, so the best way to move into God’s Divine Light and away from what does not serve us, is to eliminate those things that are sapping our spirit’s energy. Again, if we are honest with ourselves, we will see what things are holding us back from falling short of God’s glory, and eliminating them as quickly as possible. Remember: God has given us His Holy Spirit for the strength to do what may seem impossible; trust the Spirit and follow it along your journey to freedom.

Strive, strive, strive!
Strive to know God. Strive to learn more than what you think you already know. Strive towards spiritual knowledge. Strive to live in peace with others. Strive to send loving energy out to the world every moment of the day. Striving gives you the hope that things will get better, and in time they will. Don’t ever stop striving; once you stop, you are allowing too much room for spiritually-damaging thoughts to take over, which will take you back to day one of the struggle.

Living a victorious and free life is a beautiful journey that far too many of us are not experiencing. Life is a gift, and we should be honored to be alive on this day and at this very moment. Live victoriously, and thank God that you have the ability to live in His image. Have a beautiful and victorious day.


1 thought on “I Command You to Live Victoriously!”

  1. I enjoyed the article entitled “I Command You to Live Victoriously”. I found it insightful and helpful in my journey today to discover what it means to “walk in a manner worthy of the calling to which you have been called” from Eph 4:1. I just wanted say thanks for myself and for those I lead in discipleship on Wednesdays.
    Amazed again at God’s grace and provision,

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