Prayer for Crossroads NY Church

Father, in your son’s name, I pray that you continue to bless Crossroads NY Church, and that you impart your supernatural wisdom upon the congregation and staff. This church has been instrumental in saving my life, and through its leadership, I have returned to you with open arms and an open and subservient heart. You have provided its pastors with the wisdom, strength and courage to share your word in a world that needs it most. I pray that you continue to shine your light on them, as well as, the congregation, the worship team, the children, the hurting, the healed, the confused, the lost, the happy, the sad, the weary, the exhausted, the heavy-hearted, the depressed, the suicidal, the overachievers, and the underachievers. Crossroads NY Church is about to save more lives in ways that none of us can imagine, and it is only through your grace, love, and dedication to us that we are able to do so. I pray that your Holy Spirit will dwell in us so that we can share this joy with others, and bring the world to its knees in obedience to you.

Father, I love you more than I can even comprehend. I know that I cannot live without you. I know that I cannot see another day of peace and joy without deliberately asking you to be at the head of my life. You know where I have come from, and you know where I am going. I pray that everyone reading this post will feel your supernatural glory coming through these words and that you transform their lives in a mighty way. God, I love you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. In Jesus’ name, Amen. đŸ™‚ God is good.


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