An Excerpt from “Cultivate Good Thoughts”

Just wanted to share this inspiring message with you from “Cultivate Good Thoughts” by Hanumanprasad Podder:

“Remember: for attaining control over thoughts, the most useful and suitable practice is to cultivate firm faith in the power of the Soul, or in the grace of the almighty God, our best friend. The more this faith is developed, the more quickly and easily will a person be able to destroy the evil thoughts lodged within his mind and expand his auspicious thoughts. Identification with the body, and degrading sentiments get uprooted from the mind of one, who has faith in the Soul, or in God.”

What an amazing statement! Faith is the deciding factor between life and death. Faith produces a strong, concrete and unshakable belief that our God is real and that His promises are true! The master of trickery wants us to stay in a double-minded state of mind that constantly drags us from one foundation to another. We are always confused and keep running back and forth in our beliefs, not sure of which way we should go. But, God has made it clear: our minds are to remain on “whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is worthy..” (Philippians 4:8.) If our thought patterns are not in accordance with this statement, then we are sure to see much turmoil and confusion in our lives.

Do yourself a favor…stop! Sit down. Be quiet. Take a detailed inventory of what’s on and IN your mind. If you are honest with yourself, you will see that your thought patterns are stopping you from having the type of life you want, as well as preventing blessings from manifesting in your life. We have control of our thoughts (through free will,) and it is time that we learn how to control what we are placing the majority of our thoughts on. God knows what is holding us back. It’s time for us to be real with ourselves and take the necessary steps to take control of our thoughts and experience life in a whole new way.


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