I had a dream about the Creator last night…

and my insides turned to mush. All was quiet inside and I enjoyed the peace. He told me that I am a Creator, just as He is. I am created in his image; so there are no such thing as limits.

As I listened to Him, I began to feel afraid, but he told me to remain still and lean on Him through the fear.

As I leaned on Him through the fear, the fear quickly dissipated. I was transported to a realm in which fear did not exist.

I soared over the skies, looked down at the earth, felt the heavenly cool breeze flow across my body as I flew and flew and flew.

I intentionally dived down and right back up; down and right back up; and I was fully aware that I was in control of my flying abilities.

I met a woman who was able to decipher places that had strong and weak energies.

She told me where the strong and weak energies lie, and left it up to me to decide where I would set up shop.

Energies are in the mind, she said, you create the energy that you wish to reside in.

I was so excited. I took off running and running and running and running. I ran from one block to the next, one scene to the next, one experience to the next.

No 1 experience could hold me; I discarded it within seconds of experiencing it; the present quickly became the past.

I dreamt of a song; Darius Rucker sang. His soulful, calm, soothing, vibratious,  Godly voice soothed me as I ran and ran and ran.

I didn’t run out of breath; my spirit had taken off. I didn’t want to come back

I wanted to run for an eternity

Running gave me freedom






I wish you were there with me.

I wish you ran with me.

I wish you saw what I saw.

I wish you have the same dream

tonight. Before you go to sleep, tell the Creator that you are ready; you are open; you are obedient; you are willing; you desire Him; want Him; beg Him to take you on a ride across the sky

a ride across the heavens

a ride with Him

and he will take you on the journey of your life

When you awake, you will realize that the dream is actually reality……;)


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