God is a creator and so am I

I am created in His image and likeness. I am one with the great I AM. How can I ever be less that what I AM? How can I be more than what I AM? In all honestly, I don’t think its possible. Rather, it can only be possible if YOU give it the power to be possible. Ya see, God ain’t a fool; we ain’t fools. Our external circumstances make us THINK that we are fools, oh but these thoughts are the contrary. We are made in the Universal Creator’s image! Me, you, everyone are made in the Master Planner’s image! Can you even begin to believe how awesome this is? How grand this is? How important this is? How monumental this is? How unique our position is amongst all other living creations? So think, just think and realize your role in the course of the physical life. So, what will you say when asked, “who are you?”

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