Strive to be Transformed

Today was very busy for me, but it didn’t feel like it. I didn’t feel stressed or overwhelmed; I took my time and enjoyed every single second. I am happy that I have taken control! Now I see what Janet Jackson meant in her song ‘Control.’ Being in control means that you are living your life according to YOUR terms; no one else’s. You take the time to take a great inventory of your life and what should remain the same and what should be changed. Whatever should remain the same should be nurtured and watered so that it can blossom into something greater, which will reap greater rewards for you. Whatever should be changed should be omitted from your life as quickly as possible because as long as you hold onto that burden, the burden will hold onto you.

I can honestly say that I am proud of myself. I am proud of the woman I am becoming. I am proud of allowing the Divine One to work in and through me, and I am finally realizing that I cannot live my life without being connect to the power source. I am saying all of this to say this to you: I hope you strive for peace and contentment in your life. I hope you strive to be honest and become a person of great integrity. I hope you take the time to truly be honest with yourself, because when you are truly honest with yourself, no one and no thing can stop you from excelling towards a level of greatness that you could never have possibly imagined. Now THAT, My Dear, is what life is really all about. 🙂


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