Take Your Time!

“So teach us to number our days,that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”

I have spent many days rushing from one thing to the next. On an especially busy day, I forget half of the things I’d even done. I like to take inventory of my day when I am lying in bed at night, and can’t even remember some of the things I did throughout the course of that particular day. It becomes frustrating because I I feel like I ran from one thing to the next and did not take the time to notice and enjoy ever step I was taking in order to complete the task.

The Divine One is teaching me to number my days so that I focus on each and every task throughout the day. Focusing on each and every task means that I am enjoying every step taken in completing the task, which opens my eyes to wisdom and understanding that I could never have gained on my own.  Millions of people do not have the ability to write, read, walk, talk, hear, and/or touch, and I have been blessed to have all of these faculties working perfectly for me. So, today’s lesson: take your time! Enjoy every day. Enjoy every moment. See the beauty in everything. Only through taking our time and treating our days as if they are numbered will we gain the wisdom and understanding that the Divine One wants so badly for us to have. 🙂


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