If I could re-start at day one…

If I could re-start at day one, I would…

love more instead of hate
make friends with more underdogs
forgive myself much quicker
forgive others even quicker
spend more time focusing on life’s beauty’s as opposite to life’s bad moments
give more to charity
pray more
cook more
dream more
dance more
cry more
laugh more
play more
walk more
smile more
meditate more
give more
hug more
dance more
relax more (and I mean truly relax)
write more
spend more time alone and feel the omnipresent life-force inside of me
see disappointments as a blessing
take deeper breaths
brush drama off my shoulders
truly appreciate the five senses

The beauty of re-evaluating the beginning is that the beginning is the here and now! Every single thing I’ve listed can be incorporated into my life right now! All it takes is the decision to make the change, and I have just made it! I have decided to see the cup as full as opposed to empty; speak words of empowerment as opposed to words that dis-empower me; enjoy this very moment instead of regretting the past; etc., etc., etc. Won’t you join me? Let’s make our dreams become a reality together. Life is love, and love is life 😉


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