Angels on Earth

We don’t realize how powerful we are. We have the ability to make or break someones spirit. Our words, actions, gestures and non-verbal cues can create harmony or discomfort in someone else’s lives. Our hearts need to be in accord with our minds, and vice versa. We cannot continue to live one way but act the complete opposite.

We are all Angels on Earth. We are in the unique position of encouraging, inspiring and transforming lives. The greatest transformation begins with ourselves. We need to take inventory of our lives and trash any attributes that keep us from connecting with one another. For example, if you are an angry person and always finds a reason to be angry, then this attitude will permeate through your very being. Those around you (co-workers, family members, even strangers in the street) will feel that energy and may even be afraid of you because they can see that something is off-kilter. Instead of drawing people and opportunities to you, you will drive them away from you. If you are a person who is shy, then people who may be fortunate enough to have a life-changing opportunity for you to seize may not offer it to you because they may feel that you are not bold enough to pursue it. Being shy is not a bad attribute, but if you are looking for opportunities to enhance your life, being shy may not work in your favor. If you strive to be content and happy, your peers will see this and will come to you in order to feel your positive energy. They will want to know what is the “thing” that is making you so happy. What is the “thing” that keeps you smiling. What is the “thing” that keeps you in a good mood. Even people who don’t know you will see that you are “open” to receiving blessings that they may want to share with you.

I can attest to the latter Being because this is the way I carry myself. I am noticing that doors are opening rapidly and I don’t even realize how strong my internal attitude communicates with the outer-world. The whole point that I am trying to make is that we need to be aware of what type of attitude we radiate to others. We need to know how we come across to others, because the way we come across to others can either help or hinder our livelihoods. Taking inventory of one’s life requires sincere honesty that cannot be faked, and it all begins with you.

We are Angels on Earth, and we are here to enjoy every single day of our lives. I love it 🙂


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