What Does Food Mean To You?

Food can become our best friend and our worst enemy. Food can help keep us healthy and strong, or it can lead to lifelong debilitating illness and diseases. Just where does binge eating come from? First off, many of us look to food as the cure to some type of mental issue we are dealing with. If we are depressed, we eat; if we are sad, we eat; if we are lonely we eat. The problem with binge eating is that it gives us temporary satisfaction, but does not address the underlying issue that led to the binge-eating episode in the first place. Binge eating doesn’t do anything but make you feel worse off than before you started binging. How can you address these issues and control it before it gets out of hand?:

1. Talk to someone who you love and trust, and who loves and trusts you back – don’t be afraid to tell someone you love that you are having a hard time dealing with a tough situation. A loving and supportive person will be there for you, and will help you get through the difficult time, without berating or judging you.

2. Write down your feelings – writing is a great way to get your feelings out of your head and onto paper. Sometimes, we just need to let out our feelings, especially when our feelings are raging at their peak. A therapist once told me that writing is therapeutic; thus, my career in writing. The important thing is to let your feelings out so that they don’t stay bottled up just waiting to explode.

3. Take a walk – getting away from a stressful situation and taking a walk is a great way to relax your mind and calm you down. As you walk, quiet your mind and see yourself breathing in fresh air and breathing out the negativity inside of you. Physically removing yourself away from a situation is the first step towards realizing peace. How you handle it when alone is the defining factor of your state of mind when returning to the situation that upset you in the first place.

4. Seek professional help – there is nothing wrong with seeking professional help! Someone who realizes that professional help is necessary is a strong person who is ready to make a change in his or her life! It is easy to remain in denial, but difficult to look at yourself and see what needs to be changed. Once you make the decision to change, you have already won the battle against binge eating.

I truly hope that these tips can help you in some way. Do not be afraid or shy to speak up, and feel encouraged knowing that you are ultimately in control of your own destiny.

Feel free to share your thoughts, tips and or suggestions. Chaata’ing Tammy


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