What We Can Learn From Watching Our Children Play

I learn a lot from watching my son play. He is happy, excited, and doesn’t care about anything other than playing.  His mind is active yet peaceful; focused yet moving; enthusiastic yet patient. As he throws the ball against the wall, he is thinking of the next action he’s going to take when he gets that ball back in his hand.  Nothing is more important at that moment than playing. This is how we should handle life. Life’s day-to-day dramas fight for a priority position in our minds. What bill needs to be paid by Friday? By tomorrow? By midnight? Within the next hour? Then comes the stress and pressure of not having enough money. Then we think of other bills that need to be paid along with their respective due dates. This type of turmoil, if gone unchecked, can wreak havoc and confusion in our lives. We won’t have peace and will dread any task that comes our way, and life shouldn’t be that way.

Instead of allowing our minds and present conditions to get the best of us, why don’t we become child-like and enjoy being in the moment? Why not focus on what is important at this very moment? Our lives can change at any given moment, so why not live for right now instead of worrying about tomorrow? One way to truly enjoy the moment is to sit still and think of nothing. I know that you might be saying to yourself, “how do I think of nothing?” Well, go to a quiet place, (i.e., a park, or somewhere that brings you close to nature; it can even be in your back yard,) and listen to the wind blow through the trees. Feel the wind flow across your skin and take deep, controlled breaths. You can even listen to children play, and watch how excited they are about running, singing, dancing and interacting with one another. They enjoy the present, and that is great lesson we need to be taught. Let’s strive to be like them. Let’s strive to take the seriousness out of life, and commit to enjoying every day and each other. I’d love to hear your feedback on this topic. Through communication, we can help each other focus on the good that life has in store for each of us. 🙂


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