My Sacred Experience with A Butterfly

butterflyBlessings, Eternal Love and Eternal Peace to You,

A couple of days ago, I saw a butterfly walking towards the side door of my home. I had been reading in my kitchen when something told me to go to the door. I looked through the glass pane and saw a beautiful greenish-blue butterfly walking as if he were about to knock on my door. I know it may sound funny, and it feels odd even as I type it, but the butterfly had a message for me…

I quickly grabbed my camera, ran out the front door, and slowly walked around to the side of the house. I slowly approached the butterfly because I did not want to scare him away. I took a few pictures really fast but the lighting was not good. The butterfly must have known his because he flew to an open area, in the direct path of the sunlight. I walked as briskly as I could to catch up with him. As he flew, I noticed he flew in an amazing dance with the wind in conjunction with the gentle breeze and landed on the ground with grace and ease. Lesson number one: you will always land on your feet with grace and ease! I started taking pictures as quickly as I could. It seemed as if he were posing for the camera. He opened and closed his wings, and turned in a 360-degree so I could get pictures of him at all angels. Then, he flew off. His mission was complete.

At that point, I said to myself, “what message did he have for me?” I really should have asked him while he was there, but I was so excited to get some close-up pictures.

Later that day, I did some research and here is what I came up with:

Butterflies are most commonly known for showing up when you are going through a major transformation in your life. I asked myself, “what major transformation is taking place in my life?”  have been focused on many goals and are seeing some of them manifest one at a time. I know I am on the cusp of a major breakthrough and I know this breakthrough is something I have been praying on for a long time. Lesson number 2: never give up! No matter what obstacles may come your way, your job is to stay focused because, when you least expect it, the miracle you have been working towards will transform before your very eyes!

I also learned butterflies remind us to enjoy life without becoming oversensitive or too serious about experiences that we go through. In Ted Andrews book, “Animal Totem,” he writes, “butterflies appear to dance as they light upon flowers and such. They remind us not to take things quite so seriously within our lives.” Ask yourself, “am I taking life too seriously? Am I stressed over situations I have no control over? Am I so focused on the bad that I have lost sight of the good?” When asking myself these questions, I answered a resounding “YES” to all three of these questions. Lesson number 3: don’t take life so seriously! When we take life too seriously, we lose passion for life, and that is the last thing we ever want to do. We are here to grow and learn; even through bad experiences. If we focus on the bad, we spend every day becoming saturated with lower energy vibrations that drains us, angers us, stress us out, depresses us and shuts us off from the good that is around us. I’ve heard the saying, “don’t take life so seriously; you won’t come out of it alive.” This is true. What is the use of taking every experience so seriously that you lose out on the beauty and purpose of life?

The colors of the butterfly represent joy; they bring joy with them wherever they are because they cannot separate themselves from their external appearance. This point really hit home for me because of what has been going on in the media lately. The media has promoted separation of people based on their skin color, and if we are not careful, we may believe everything they say. I remember going to a butterfly exhibit, surrounded by hundreds of butterflies dancing and flowing in unison with one another. They flew and danced with such precision, and they did not crash into each other; they remained in perfect rhythm with one another. Words cannot express how vibrant their colors blended with each other to the point of where it reminded me of a vibrating rainbow. What if they decided to not like each other because they are different colors? How could they fulfill their life’s purpose of bringing us beauty and reminding us of the brilliance of Mother Nature if they were busy arguing over whose color pattern was better than the other’s? It sounds immature, and it really is. This led me to say to myself, “am I judgmental of others because of their outer appearance? Am I missing out on growing closer to my Higher Self because I have separated myself from someone because of the way he or she look?”  For these questions, I answered “no,” BUT the media is working hard to separate Beings from one another, and I could very well run into someone who believes stereotypes and may want to inflict or apply their beliefs on me. This question reminded me to stay on guard and protect my thoughts with high vibrational words and feelings of love and peace for others, which leads me to lesson number 4: don’t take anything personal! Again, the change in consciousness is bringing out a lot of dark feelings that some people have been holding on to for many years, and, if we are not careful, we can fall into the trap of lower energy drama. It’s not worth it!

And on that note, let’s bring this message to a close. I would like you to start paying attention to animals that make frequent appearances in your life. Are they trying to tell you something? Are they trying to bring something to your attention? Do they want you to realize how special and perfect you are, in case you have forgotten? If you do some research on the animal, I guarantee you will learn something new about yourself that will bring you much clarity on your life’s purpose and provide you with the next step in the ladder to your personal ascension. Namaste, Goddess Tamara 🙂


Are these really my thoughts?

It may seem misleading to call this entry “My” thoughts, as many thoughts that come to me seem to come at the most inopportune moment. I gain great clarity from Divine messages when I am taking the shower, driving, cleaning, or in the middle of some other task which did not require me to be intentionally “plugged into” the Universe. For this reason, I decided to create a page entitled “My Thoughts,” as they are filtered through me. I am happy to share these messages with you, as I believe my role is to BE a channel of messages of love from the Great Mother God.


We are ONE. As much as you may hate to believe it, we are all a part of the greater whole. External physical appearances may lead us to believe that we are all different, separate and individual and that our choices do not affect one another. As you study energy, how it works, how it creates, how it maneuvers, and how it vibrates, then you will see that every person is a manifestation of the ONE and that we have the power to create the World in an amazing and dynamic body of Paradise.

We vibrate on differing levels because of individual choices. We all have the ability to choose and live our lives as we want. Each decision we make is based on past thought reinforcements that dictate our ability to decipher what is “right” or what is “wrong.” We can also choose based on life’s experiences that either hurt us or made us feel good. Everyone’s life experience is different so everyone will choose differently. Individual choice has the power to separate us or bring us together.

If you are noticing an awakening shift in your life, start paying attention to your thoughts and the choices you make based on your thoughts. You may notice a pattern that does not help you grow, and, then, you have the choice to change it or not. Blessings, Goddess Tamara

Thank You :)

Hi, thank you so much for following my posts. I cherish and adore each and every one of you. I am slowly migrating material from WordPress to my Weebly website: Oils, Crowns and Owls. Please subscribe to the new website as I may be shutting this one down some time soon.

Here are some exciting things that you will see on my Weebly Webiste:

  1. Transmissions from the ascended masters – I spend a lot time in prayer and meditation and I receive great words of wisdom from our ancestors. I will be sharing messages that I am led to share with you. Some will come at the right time for you, and some may come when you least need it, but I can promise you, the messages will be honest, worthwhile and delivered from the seat of love in my heart.
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  4. Jewerly Galore – I have added more items to my jewelry line and will be showcasing them. I have incorporated more gemstones and crystals into these products as I know for a fact that these friends from the rock and gemstone realm want to help us in any way that they can. These products are sure to be unique and breathtaking.

Thank you, again, for following my blog and for your support. I look forward to chatting with you soon and helping you learn how to heal and love yourself. In Love and Honor, Goddess Tamara 🙂

Get With The Rhythm

This morning I woke up with a song on my heart. But, the thing is that it wasn’t any song in particular. Not a song that you’d hear on the radio or in the club. It as a song of glorious wellness and   life. For the past month, I have been making prayer (out loud to the Lord) a daily habit. For each day I have prayed, I have witnessed a miracle. For example, I had an appointment that was 49 miles away from home. After leaving  the appointment, the engine light in my car came on. I said, “God. I need your help.” I was afraid that my car was going to stop running and that it would break down on the side of the road. I told the Universe what I was feeling and I asked for help. I made it all the way  home safely. When I pulled into  my driveway, the breaks stopped working. Luckily, I was only going five miles an hour so I mashed on the breaks until the car stopped. Had I allowed worry and fear to take over, I could have gotten into an accident and hurt myself and others. Instead, I chose to pray and ask for help. I firmly believe that the Angels/Ascended Masters/The Elders/God took over and kept the car in tact until I got home. As soon as the car stopped, I said, “Thank you,” and I really meant and felt it. When I got out of the car to come inside, I got a very important phone call that confirmed to me that God was with me. As my friend and I spoke about another miracle that is unfolding as I share this message with you, I kept thinking, “God you are so good; God you are so good; God you are so good,” and then I yelled it out loud. Luckily, the person whom I was speaking too “just happened” to be sharing a personal miracle testimony that she had experienced. I am sharing this with you because I want you to understand that miracles happen every day! We tend to look for miracles to be some type of big, grandiose event that cannot be doubted or questioned. The fact is that miracles are often small, subtle experiences that most of the time, we are the only witnesses to. Miracles are meant for each of us to experience so that WE, in our own spirits, individually, bear witness to the awesome and might power that the Universe vibrates in. When we are not experiences miracles, we are vibrating outside of the realm of higher consciousness and higher awareness. That in itself is a tragedy. Miracles are meant to be a regular and routine part of our lives, and these miracles are the testaments that we hold in our hearts that there IS something greater than we are, and this “something” is alive and well, and vibrating to the rhythm of the greater good.


The Athena Blend came to me during a time where I was going through a difficult experience. What I had forgotten, which Athena reminded me of, is that I am a Warrior at heart and I have what it takes to overcome obstacles. Athena reminded me that there is nothing that can remove me from the strong foundation of knowing ones-self. I want to share this message with you. The Athena blend, when used with an open and sincere heart, will show you the courageous person that you really are and show you how to remove obstacles instead of running away from them. Namaste. Tamara


Creator always comes to the rescue, when we come with a sincere and open heart. Creator is the only energetic force (for lack of a better word because words are so limiting) that can measure the vibrational energies of our hearts; our heart’s true intent. This is why it is so important that we remain in alignment with the Force of the Universe and not the forces of this world. It is very easy to get caught up in the mundane experiences that have the false power of  covering our eyes and preventing us from seeing Truth, even when Truth is sitting right in front of our eyes. For this reason, we must remain consistent and diligent in our quests for Truth and what part we play in realizing and manifesting Truth. Many say that there is more than one Truth, and that is fine. Everyone is different and must learn Truth for themselves. Master Creator has many ways of showing us Truth that benefits each one of us individually, as well as the world totally.

There comes a time when you realize that your own personal Truth contradicts the form of truth that you have been taught and led to believe. That is ok; you are on your own personal journey that no one can teach you. You must learn for yourself. When you discover your unique and authentic Truth, then it is time for you to put on the breastplate of love and light and share what you have learned with the world. WARNING: you will experience some resistance, but you are well-prepared because no one can tell you what your personal Truth is or is not. You will immediately attract those to you who are read for what you have to share and will willingly begin their own search and quest for Truth.

There was a time when people thought it was funny or odd that you where on a quest to “find yourself.” They said, “find yourself? What do you mean ‘find yourself?’ You are already here,” and they laughed at you. Ha! Joke’s on them because they are all-of-a-sudden in a position where they are being pushed to find themselves 🙂 Isn’t it funny how life goes full-circle without us even realizing it until it’s slapping us in the face? (Side note: it is important now more than ever that we watch what we say and how we treat others, because we quickly reap what we sow.)

Love, perseverance and dedication are key to living Truth. Truth must be conducted in high vibrational energy with the intention of helping and healing Family. There is no such thing as serving one’s self without serving the other. These are fascinating times we are living in, and we are seeing rapid manifestation on many levels.

Love, Light, Pleasure and Joy, Tammy 🙂